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Not All Chocolate Has Flavanols

Apart from the critical sourcing of cacao beans with the highest naturally occurring Flavanols content, COCOAX'TEND has perfected the process to retain 8 times more Cocoa Flavanols than the ordinary cocoa powder.

Flavanols are one group of phytochemicals that have antioxidant abilities. Cacao beans are good sources of flavanols, but not all chocolate retains much of the cacao flavanols.

"Cocoa flavanols are easily destroyed by many factors due the harvesting, processing, fermentation, storage, heating and the many other complicated manufacturing processing of cacao bean. The production process of cacao bean is critical in retaining the content of cocoa flavanols.”

In fact, cocoa flavanols may not exist in dark chocolate, but the content of this substance varies according to the chocolate products available in the market.

Experts advise the public to be extra careful when choosing cocoa products. Most of the cocoa products on the market have their flavanol content removed during the manufacturing process.

After 7 years of extensive research, COCOAX'TEND Cocoa Flavanols perfected the process to preserve up to 80% of the flavanols naturally present in cacao beans, 8 times higher than ordinary cocoa powder.


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