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How to Meal Plan for Good Heart!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

When Cocoa Flavanols enter our body, they transform into small metabolites which increase our body's Nitric Oxide levels that are critical in promoting healthy blood vessels and healthy blood flow. Cocoa Flavanols as antioxidants has the health benefit linked including reduced inflammation, better blood flow, lower blood pressure and improving cholesterol.

With the combination of balance diet and healthy lifestyles, cocoa flavanols can help maintained the elasticity of the blood vessels which contributes to a normal blood flows.

“Studies show flavanols support Cardiovascular health that builds the foundation of the healthy life!”

Flavanols increases your body's natural production of Nitric Oxide and it helps relax the arteries wall and assist in blood vessels dilation. This is critical in maintaining healthy blood pressure and flow which carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your whole body.

“Consuming cocoa flavanols (300mg or more) daily lowers blood pressure and improves mood, memory and cognitive skills.”

Bulletproof Cocoa Drink - Synergy Drink for Energy & Mood Boost


500g Fresh milk

40g COCOAX'TEND Kibbles

2 Tsp COCOAX'TEND Cocoa Flavanols Plus

2 Tsp COCOAX'TEND Black Cocoa Powder / Natural Dark

30g Brown sugar (optional)


1. Heat up milk to 80°C.

2. Add in COCOAX'TEND Kibbles and Goth / Natural Dark Cocoa Powder. 3. Still well or blend to get a smoother texture.

4. Sprinkle COCOAX'TEND Cocoa Flavanols Plus on top for added nutrient.

Chocolate Oatmeal - A healthy & Tasty Hot Breakfast within 15 minutes

Rolled Oats cook with chopped walnut added with COCOAX'TEND Cocoa Flavanols Plus prepare within 15 minutes. A simple and yet full of energy to take care of your heart.


½ Cup MACADAMS Rolled oats cooked

1 ½ cups of water

¼ Tsp Ground cinnamon

½ Cup Fresh milk

2 Tsp COCOAX'TEND Cocoa Flavanols Plus

1 Tbsp MACADAMS walnut, chopped


1. Cook MACADAMS Rolled oats with water.

2. Mix all ingredients and stir well.

3. Add raisins, pumpkin seeds or fresh fruits for garnishing as desired.


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